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Our Program

From the moment we meet a potential client or their family, we are very intentional about listening to that individual’s goals so that we can start planning ways to assist them in meeting these goals. While we do provide a framework of structure within which our residents must operate, we want to empower each resident to experience their own version of success. As such, we collaborate with each individual, their family, and any referring professionals to create a personalized plan for recovery that is unique to them and their specific needs.

Our Method

The Cove at Momentum Recovery offers three fluid phases of recovery, and we encourage our clients to work their way through each phase of the program as it is proven to have the greatest impact on their long term recovery.


Extended Care

Our program begins with Anchor. The goal within Anchor is to create a soft landing and solid foundation for our women to get their feet underneath them. Within this extended care model, clients at The Cove live in a private residence and have a full-time recovery coach on site at all times. Meetings and group sessions are a big part of the Anchor program, with most clients attending at least one meeting or group session per day. Both individual and group therapy are vitally important to creating this foundation. Once firmly grounded, our clients may engage in finding employment, enrolling in school, or take part in a service commitment. Our goal with Anchor is to give our clients a safe and nurturing environment, while also providing them with the skills to prepare for life in the community.

Extended Care Program for Young Adult Women - The Cove at Momentum Recovery


Sober Living

Upon completion of Anchor clients will be invited to progress to Harbor, which provides the same comprehensive support with additional autonomy. Clients will maintain residence with The Cove and have continued onsite support at all times. Program participants will be empowered to increase community involvement and ease some clinical program requirements. This critical step allows individuals to continue moving toward independence while maintaining the support systems in place, and typically lasts several months. At this stage, we will begin identifying barriers to successful independence and sustained sobriety; what will it look like to be living independently firmly grounded in recovery? How do I find emotional sobriety? How do I remain committed to practices and disciplines that help me better understand myself and my goals? How will I manage my relationships? My finances? My academics or career? These are questions that we will answer together during this time.

Sober Living for Young Adult Women in Wilmington, NC - The Cove at Momentum Recovery


Change Management

After our clients successfully navigate Anchor and Harbor, they will transition to the last phase of our program, Compass. Compass is our final phase before our clients take an intentional step to complete independence. During Compass, clients live independently in a place of their choice. They continue to work with their primary therapist, our medical director, and case manager, and they are free to attend as many group therapy sessions as they want. They receive weekly drug tests, are required to remain engaged in the recovery community, and are encouraged to stay active in the experiential activities that so many of our clients enjoy.

Change Management for Women in Recovery - The Cove at Momentum Recovery

All Inclusive

The Cove at Momentum Recovery is proud to offer the following to all of our clients:

  • EMDR Therapy
  • Somatic Experiencing therapy
  • Medication management
  • Trauma process groups
  • Yoga groups
  • Mindfulness meditation groups
  • Relapse prevention groups
  • Recreational therapy groups
  • Adventure-based therapy groups
  • Life skills groups
  • Intensive case management
  • Nutritional Coaching
  • Random drug screening
  • Random alcohol screening
  • Weekly family support group
  • Regular updates for families
  • Regular updates for referents
  • Recovery Community Involvement
  • Family program conferences
  • Transportation
  • Gym membership
  • Academic support
  • Financial coaching
  • Personal spending account
  • Grocery spending account